Sprinkler Systems

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Wet
  • Dry Pipe
  • Pre-action
  • Deluge
  • Special Hazards like Hi-Expansion Foam, Fixed Water Spray System.

Sprinkler System Design

Our company specializes in designing water-based fire protection systems, which are the most widely used type of fire suppression because of water’s effectiveness in extinguishing fires. We prioritize precision and quality in our designs and provide detailed drawings, calculations, and specifications that have been reviewed and approved by a licensed Professional Engineer.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler
  • Systems
  • Standpipe Systems
  • Fire Pumps
  • Seismic Bracing Design
  • Backflow Preventers
  • Hydrant Flow Tests

We handle projects of various scopes and building types, including new constructions, renovations, and tenant fit-ups for residential, commercial, educational, healthcare and industrial buildings.

To save time and money for our clients, we conduct site visits to evaluate existing conditions and explore opportunities for reusing existing piping. We also thoroughly inspect the installed system to ensure compliance and safety before issuing a mandatory Engineer’s letter of compliance for occupancy.

Standpipe Systems Design

Automatic sprinkler systems are commonly required in all buildings as a standard fire protection measure, but standpipe systems are also mandatory in certain types of structures. These systems have proven to be efficient in controlling and extinguishing large fires.

Loyal Fire Protection specializes in designing and engineering standpipe systems, which are an integral component of overall fire protection.

Our designs cover all variations of standpipe systems, including wet or dry, automatic, manual or semi-automatic, and are always in compliance with NFPA 14 Standard and Building Codes.

Fire Pump Design

For situations where fire pumps are necessary to achieve the necessary pressure and meet the hydraulic design criteria for a fire sprinkler system, we offer superior fire pump design. We achieve affordability without sacrificing quality.

Our professionals have extensive knowledge in a variety of pumps and we determine which will be the best fit based on the needs of each unique facility.

Seismic Bracing Design and Calculations

In certain regions, buildings are mandated to have their sprinkler piping seismically secured due to the risk of earthquakes.

Our services include providing layout of seismic bracing for sprinkler piping, as well as Engineer-stamped seismic calculations for all necessary restraints like lateral, longitudinal, and 4-way braces for vertical piping.

We conduct thorough inspections of installed seismic bracing to ensure compliance with Building Code and NFPA 13 Standard. Upon completion of the inspection, we provide an Engineer’s letter of compliance.

Backflow Prevention Assembly Design

With time, the stagnant water in the sprinkler system piping can become a concern as it may contain metallic particles or other contaminants that are unsafe for consumption or use.

When adding a backflow prevention assembly to an existing sprinkler system, our team of expert designers and licensed professionals perform a comprehensive hydraulic analysis. This is to ensure that despite the added friction loss from the backflow prevention device, the sprinkler system is able to deliver the adequate water volume at the required pressure.

Hydrant Flow Tests

Determining the availability of water supply for a building is an important aspect in the design or evaluation of a sprinkler system. It is also a mandate for obtaining developer permits before beginning construction or renovation.

Loyal Fire Protection carries out hydrant flow tests on both public and private hydrants. We have the necessary tools and equipment to measure water pressure and flow precisely. We arrange and schedule the flow test with the relevant municipality, secure the mandatory permits, and pay all associated fees.

It’s worth noting that hydrant flow tests are usually done only during warm weather, usually from April to November. Therefore, if you’re planning to work on a sprinkler system during the winter, it’s important to arrange for the hydrant flow test to be done beforehand.

Evaluation of Existing Sprinkler Systems

Existing sprinkler systems often need to be evaluated to ensure they provide required level of protection for the occupancy. This evaluation is usually required when
  • new tenant plans to occupy the building and need to know if their storage or production arrangements is adequately protected by existing sprinkler system,
  • insurance company would like to know if insured property has adequate sprinkler protection,
  • Hydraulic Plates are missing from sprinkler risers, or
  • Fire Department would like to get an Engineer’s conformation on sprinkler system.

In any case – we can evaluate your sprinkler systems. We hydraulically calculate the system, compare results with current standards and issue Professional Engineer stamped report outlining whether or not system shall be upgraded.

Our reports are recognized by fire departments or insurance companies and often save thousands of dollars to owners by avoiding unnecessary upgrades.